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Welcome to cigarenstein. The place where cheap talk and good cigars are welcome. This is a judgement free zone for talking and reflecting about my passion. Good Cigars. Now I have my idea of what a good cigar is, as do you. I say this as I smoke a Macanudo Cafe. A mellow but tasty little thing . Can’t find them local too often so I do a lot of my cigar shopping online. I usually buy a few 5 or 6 cigar packs at a time, though once in a while I will spring for a box on brands I like when they go on sale. Sometimes I’ll do sampler packs, but not often. Unless someone offers me a test pack🚬, only too happy to do that. All in the name of science of course.

Please feel free to send comments, opinions and such.bthey are appreciated. Tomorrow I’m planning on reviewing one of my favorite brands. Ave Maria Immaculata in a robusto I believe.

See ya!



Not sure where we left off. For someone that wants to be retired it’s been busy.

   One thought, Monte Cristo Classic. That’s the stick I’m working on right now. No hidden bitterness here. A clean smooth cigar with satisfying flavors. No extra spice, just a mellow cigar with an even burn and smooth draw. Definitely a Saturday evening smoke.

Until next time,


Done talking about it.

I’m not even going to talk about football until they get their feces straight

 Besides, Sox won the AL East (barely) and we have baseball for another week. Plus the Bruins are cranking up for a run at a mediocre season. Though I would like it if I’m proven wrong about the B’s. Claude Julien was a good coach , not a great one, but at least he brought them to the playoffs most years.

  I’m sitting here under the stars philosophizing with a 5 Vegas Gold. Like the Bruins a good cigar, not a great one, but a good one. 

  Until next time,


Where did it go?

This summer just flew by. So many songs unsung, so many ballgames unviewed or not listened too! Woe is me.

  Okay, enough of the whiny stuff. My favorite time of the year is here, yup new cigar release time. My buddies over at the cigarandlounge.com got a chugger of a load. All I could do to keep myself from hugging everyone, well maybe not everyone. I wouldn’t want to see most of the guys there in a bikini. Nope, nope, nope.

  What they did have was My Father Connecticut in Maduro and a fresh batch of Flor De Las Antillas in Toro. Naturally I plunked my money down for a couple, crawled into a corner (couch) and lit one of those babies.
 From the first pop to the last it rained goodness on my parade. Again, I don’t rate my smokes by leather, chocolatey or even peppery. The Doolie scale is sucks, or doesn’t suck. There are of course degrees of suckiness. Least sucky would be if I have a cigar that I would only smoke to keep bugs away. Then most sucky would be the ones that I quickly give to those who I probably never see again.

  On the doesn’t suck side it’s the same. There are those I keep for me only, then there are those that I gladly give to my close friends, or family that hasn’t pissed me off in twenty years or so.

  That my friends is the Doolie scale. 

Till next time, 


Park it.

Not much tonight. Went out for dinner at our favorite Turkish Restaurant in Brookline MA. Delicious as always. After dinner and a quick ride home, I was ready for my nightly. 

  Tonight I had an urge for a simple cigar. Didn’t want to mask the after glow of a great meal. The first one I saw when I opened the big box was a Gurka Park Ave in torpedo. My humidor knows me well. Exactly the type of taste I have been waiting for. A plus to this is that the Gurkha Park Ave has been aging for a few months just waiting for a chance to burn for me.

  It is a smooth and tasty smoke with bits of pepper and that tobacco taste from the islands. Nice and silky Connecticut wrapper, and all of that luscious deliciousness that I look for in a stick.

  Perfect end to a great evening.

  Till next time,


What are you cut out for?

Argh what a weekend. Three straight losses by the Red Sox to Baltimore’s Orioles. Mayweather won, which is what I expected, though McGregor had game. I’ll give him that. But enough of that.

  I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. Had some minor health issues. What I want to talk about is “what’s your cut”.

  Most of the time I use a v cutter. For me it works well, almost the same surface area as a traditional rounds cut but saves more of the cigar for lip grip, lol. I do use a round cut, but mostly on Torpedo’s or Belicoso shaped cigars. I also use a punch on some larger gauge fatties. For my usual Robusto however, it’s almost always a notch. I always keep an assortment of cutters everywhere. I hate having to search around when I have a fever for the flavor of my current cigar crush. As I write this I’m gnawing away at a 5 Vegas Gold classic. Yep, it’s in a robusto. Though for some reason 5 Vegas seems to make a bigger Robusto than most.

  When I can’t decide which of the more mysterious sticks I have I usually go to a 5 Vegas, or perhaps a Rocky Patel Connecticut. Sometimes these just satisfy more than a pricier blend. I use a v cut for these. Even when I’m in a mood for a corona I’ll still notch it. A punch sometimes crushes the cap, which in turn might cause a fracture in the wrapper. I do use a punch on Ave Maria and My Father cigars though. For some reason they are more forgiving to a punch. 

  I rarely ever smoke Perfecto’s or any other of the huge wads. No time for them. Why spend your game day smoking one cigar when you have time for three different ones.  If I’m having a cookout or tailgating I’m going to hand out Don Sebastian. A great inexpensive cigar. Some of these super or double Perfecto’s you might as well borrow your neighbors chain saw. They’re some log sized smokes.

  Enough Flapping for now, make your coffee DD and your Donuts Kane’s. Either the home shop in Saugus or their Downtown Boston store (no I don’t work for them I just love their 🍩).

Till next time,


Moose Hunting

It’s been difficult lately to find good cigars, or at least the cigars I have a yen for. I have about 400+ cigars in my humidors. One would think I should be happy. I am now. I was able to get some (5pack) Chillin Moose II from one of the online retailers.

  CM2 is the newer and slightly stronger brother of Foundry’s Chillin Moose brand. Here stronger doesn’t mean bitter. 2 is a nice dark wrapped stick with a lot of flavor going on. The strength is moderately smooth, the draw is easy and the taste is somewhat complex. Nothing overpowers the other in this stick. You can taste the subtle hints of pepper and leather. No surprises but no letdown either. It smokes the same from start to finish.

Till next time,